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2019 Cubs Update

posted May 31, 2020, 12:46 AM by Group Leader
Cub Scout Unit 2019

The Cubs had a great year in 2019 as we integrated the new youth programme into the previous boomerang format. We had to get our head around the new terminology of Patrols rather than Sixes, being a Unit rather than a Pack, earning Milestones rather than Boomerangs, and the expanding our program for the new Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) and Special Interest Areas (SIA).

Unit Numbers
    18 Cubs in 4 Patrols to start 2019
    21 Cubs in 4 Patrols at end of the year
        •     2 Joeys linked to Cubs
        •     1 Cub joined following transfer within the District
        •     7 new-to-Scouting youth joined the Cubs Unit
        •     6 Cubs linked to Scouts
        •     1 Cub transferred to another Branch (ACT)

Grey Wolf Award
Ariella earned the Grey Wolf Award, the peak award in Cub Scouts, which was presented by the Branch Commissioner for Cubs.

Cub Scout Adult Leadership
The year started with a new Akela (Cub Scout Leader, CSL)  as Isaac stepped in for Martha whose work was becoming increasingly busy. Martha stayed on as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL), joining Andrew, Stuart and Connell. Marcus also continued as an Adult Helper.

The Cubs had an active year:
•     New Badges Handout                                        •     STEM Night – Codes & Signalling
•     District Swimming Carnival (OAS Aquatic)        •     MasterChef Night
•     Cycling (OAS Cycling)                                       •     Dark Games Night
•     Clean Up Australia Day                                     •     Rubbish & Recycling Night
•     OAS Camping Night                                          •     Visit to Westpac Rescue Helicopters
•     Regatta Taster                                                   •     Swimming with the Joeys (OAS Aquatics)
•     Kayaking (OAS Paddling)                                  •     Circus Night
•     Group Beach Night & AGM                                •     Pinewood Derby – construction & racing
•     Port Arthur Camp                                               •     District Showtime
•     Games Nights                                                    •     Group Camp
•     Knots Night (OAS Bushcraft)                             •     Cuboree (Cubs Rock)
•     Handycraft                                                         •     Construction Night
•     Space Night                                                       •     Athletics Carnival
•     Rock Climbing at Rock It (OAS Vertical)           •     Historical Walk/Scavenger Hunt
•     Alternative Art Night                                           •     Nature Walk (OAS Bushwalk)
•     Mona Visit                                                          •     OAS Bushcraft & Bushwalking Badgework
•     International Culture Night                                 •     End of Year Group BBQ & Games