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2019 Joeys Update

posted May 31, 2020, 12:00 AM by Group Leader   [ updated May 31, 2020, 12:38 AM ]
Joey Unit 2019
Michelle and Ros provided adult leadership in the Joey section in 2019, ably assisted by Youth Helpers, Lily and Adelaide. We have had an average of 8 or 9 Joeys in the Unit over the course of the year. In 2020 our leadership team was joined by Anna who is taking on the role of Adult Helper.

In 2019 the Mount Stuart Scout Group took on the role of a Pioneer Group for the New Youth Program in Scouts. This meant that we had to discover a whole new way of doing things. In Joeys we decided not to try and do everything at once but to introduce new things gradually. We started by doing our programming as usual, informed by suggestions from the Joeys. We then had a look at how this matched up with the 4 challenge areas that are the basis of the New Program. We also made a start on some of the Outdoor Adventure Skills. This area of the new program was a steep learning curve for both Joeys and leaders! We had fun learning some new knots, going for bushwalks and camping. One or two of the Joeys even slept in a tent at the Group Camp last year. By the end of the year, a number of Joeys had earned level 1 in all the of the core areas of Outdoor Adventure Skills – bushcraft, bushwalking and camping. Several others are well on their way to earning these badges. It is great that there are so many more badges that Joeys can now earn as part of the program. The main problem will be lack of room on their sleeves to put them!

The last part of the New Program that we tackled was the Special Interest Areas. We decided to do the STEM Special Interest Challenge as a Unit and spent 2 weeks doing some investigations around the theme of ‘Water’ which fitted with the ‘Scouts in Action Month’
theme. So far very few Joeys have completed any SIAs independently. We may have to work on encouraging them to do this in 2020.

Joey leaders from the South of the State have regular meetings to plan combined events. Our Joeys have participated in several of these over the past year including a walk across the Remembrance Bridge up to the pizza ovens where we are meeting tonight, and a walk from the Botanical Gardens to Cornelian Bay. We also had 5 Joeys attend the Joey State Event at Ross in August. We enjoyed a day of circus-themed fun with Joeys from around the State. There will be a special State Event later this year to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Joeys.

Thanks to all the parents who have supported Michelle and Ros over the past year, responding to calls for parent help or providing requested materials for Joey activities. We look forward to another fun and fulfilling year with your Joeys in 2020.