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Cubs finish 2015 with a blast!!!!

posted Jan 18, 2017, 5:06 PM by Paul Bartlett
Submitted by groupleader on 24 January 2016 - 9:42pm

The Cub Pack had a very full second half of the year! In We especially enjoyed the Group Winter Fun Night and our Science night, when our Scout Helper, Mang, was drenched in cola by our “Coke Bottle Eruption Reaction!”

Another highlight was Group Camp at The Lea where we built structures out of cardboard, raced chariots we built by lashing spars together with rope, cooked meals on a campfire, sang hilarious songs, used trail signs to mark a hike, and had a huge water fight!

The best time, however, was the 23rd Tasmanian Cuboree! We joined Cub Packs from across Tasmania and Victoria for a weekend of fun and adventure. We camped in tents all weekend, even when it rained a little. The Cuboree had an ANZAC Centenary theme, and we were in Air Force camp. We did so much! We wish Cuboree was held every year.

In term 4, we trained new Cub Scout Sixers and Seconds and held a successful Pack Council to set plans for the remainder of the year. We helped with the Group Garage Sale and with the New Town Rivulet Catchment Care Group.

While bad weather cancelled our Knocklofty outings, we did take a Wet and Wild Wellington hike and had hot chocolate at Fern Tree at the end.

Our favorite meeting of the Term was our last: the Recognition and Dessert Banquet. Everyone was awarded their Boomerang level badges, and two Cubs linked to Scouts. Then we shared the desserts that we had made and brought to the meeting. We were allowed to have one of each, if we wanted!

Our favorite aspects of Cubs this year include making great friends, bush walking, camping, games and games and games, and Cuboree. We did a lot and can’t wait for next year to start.