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Jamboree Photos and Report

posted Jan 18, 2017, 3:54 PM by Paul Bartlett
Submitted by groupleader on 31 January 2013 - 8:40am

Here are some thoughts from AJ2013 from the young people who went along, and Ian as Leader:

Ollie: It was heaps good

Ziggy: Ollie, that’s the Venture. Thought it was fun.

Tom: Hey, guess what I did today...Something with ‘It’ in it.

Sam: It was fun. Now I’ll comment on the activities! Love It! Was very fun! Loved the crocoseum. Explore It! A ton of variety. Make It! Interesting. Clown It! Was fun. Market Day! Some great ideas! Do It! Loved the waterslide. Tag It! I suck at shooting. Climb It! I abseiled! Splash It! Was fine. Endure It! Was okay. Challenge It! One word: disgusting. Smash It! Car smashing is boring.

Josh: Did you know that a balloon was thought up by looking at a pineapple upside down.

Lily: ‘Loved It’. I loved the fact that you would wake up with all your friends there for 16 days to have fun with! Making friends with new people from everywhere (DARREN- haha). The heat was a shock as it being 30 degrees at 7am was very weird...Yeah, it was just amazing! Would love to do it again.

Alex: We met this dude called Darren. The performers were great! Reece Mastin and Justice Crew both couldn’t keep their shirts on, Jessica Maubouy loved to talk about the Jamboree and interact with the crowd. Tim-o-matic’s dancing was insane and Josh Thomas was hilarious.

Cody: Best camp ever!!!

Kieran: great music, great people, great food, great weather, GREAT TIME!!!

Oscar: It was very fun, though the weather was extremely hot. The night-time concerts were very entertaining, especially Acca Dacca and Cosentino. I made lots of new friends and had a great time.

Kenfe: It was awesome there. We had heaps of famous people coming to Jamboree but my favourite one was tim-o-matic because he said to us ‘I’m so glad to be here at AJ2013.’ I didn’t like Endure It or Challenge It.

What is AJ2013? The 23rd Australian Jamboree, held in Maryborough, Qld from 1st January 2013 to 13th January 2013. From Mt Stuart we had 11 scouts: Sam Pyefinch, Josh Brunker, Lily Hills, Alex Beswick, Kenfe Asayhe, Ollie and Ziggy Schulz, Kieran Sainsbury, Oscar Parkinson, Cody Fros and Tom Bain. We also had 2 leaders: Ian Brunker as assistant troop leader and Chris Ballard as Tasmanian Marketing leader. We also had an ex Mt Stuart, now Wellington Rover as troop activities leader: Rowan Sainsbury.

It started for most of us back in October with the ‘training’ camp. This was really more of a simple overnight camp to meet the rest of our troop and leaders. Mt Stuart scouts were grouped into a troop with Lindisfarne, Derwent and Howrah scouts with leaders from Lindisfarne and Mt Stuart. From there it went ‘quiet’ until 1st January 2013. On that day we all flew from Hobart to Brisbane, along with about 200 other scouts and leaders. We travelled by bus from Brisbane to Maryborough, about 3 hours and then settled in. Day one saw the temperature hit over 40 degrees and was a shock to us all, luckily the advance party had set up all our tents for us!! Over the next 10 days the scouts had:

Love It! A trip to Australia Zoo and then a BBQ at the beach.

Endure It! A set of bases run by the Venturers ranging from a water slide and jelly wrestling to picture drawing using compass bearings and removing ‘sheep’ from pens without touching the fence.

Splash It! A trip to Hervey Bay for swimming, rafting, Zorba balls, rubber raft wars, snorkelling and kite flying and other beach activites.

Explore It! A trip to Maryborough to find ‘Wally’ and find out about the time. Also some time for shopping.

Climb It! Abseiling, climbing, crate stacking and flying foxes.

Tag It! Laser skirmish, nerf skirmish and sponge wars.

Challenge It! Run by the Rovers. Part one was ‘The Tournament’. A set of bases involving 4 way tug of war, 4 way volley ball, sponge wars, bath tub jousting and crate bridges. Part two was ‘The Challenge’. An obstacle course through rope bridges, rope swings, smelly mud and obstacles. You either loved it or hated it.

Smash It! A series of bases involving, car smashing, plate smashing, spray painting, remote control cars and blower vac soccer.

Clown It! A series of bases involving circus activities: plate spinning, stilt walking, tight rope, trampoline, bicycle, face paint and dress up.

Make It! A series of bases doing sawing, bolting, nailing, fossicking, landscaping and many others.

Do it! Visit various places around the Jamboree site including contingent shops, amateur radio, ROC, geo-caching, the giant water slide and many others.

Market Day. A day when troops run stores and games to compete for Jamboree dollars.

Main Arena: Night activities including Tim-o-Matic, Justice Crew, Jessica Mauboy, Josh Thomas and Cosentino

Then we spent 2 days at theme parks on the Gold Coast to wind down.

Overall a great time was had by all. This was my first jamboree and I would love to go back again.