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Scouts Trip to Mt Field

posted Jan 18, 2017, 4:57 PM by Paul Bartlett
Submitted by ianbrunker on 15 September 2014 - 1:05pm

The scouts had a great spring camp on Mount Field. We had 18 scouts and 6 adults staying in The Government Huts near Lake Dobson.

We drove in on Saturday morning and went for a walk around Lake Dobson and up to the ski huts and Lake Seal lookout. There was patchy snow as we climbed up and it started snowing when we reached the top. At the top a small group decided to continue on to Rodway Shelter Hut whilst the rest headed back down to warm up. A few snow balls where seen hurtling through the air on the way. Once back at the cabins the fires were stoked up and dry clothes put on, and out came the lollies and chips.

There was still room for a dinner of pasta and bolognaise sauce followed by ice cream, custard and fruit. And we all ate too much once again.

Next morning we had bacon and eggs and porridge for breakfast and then packed our gear up before going for a walk around Lake Dobson on the Pandani Grove Nature Trail. We then drove to the bottom and had a hot chocolate (or coffee) before walking to the Tall Trees walk via Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls. We found a geocache whilst up there. After that walk we went over to the day use area and had a BBQ of sausages and soup for lunch before heading back to Hobart about 2pm. Whilst some cars had chatterboxes all the way home others had everyone asleep and we got back to Hobart about 3:30pm.

Thanks to all the scouts for getting involved and enjoying the weekend. Thanks especially to all the adult and leader help as without them we could not run these camps.


Group Shot at cabins
At the top of Mt Field