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Wombats Patrol Night

posted Jan 18, 2017, 5:05 PM by Paul Bartlett
Submitted by ianbrunker on 4 December 2015 - 8:43pm

Hi Ian, Sam here

last night the wombat patrol (Darcy, Chiran, Noah, Owen Lilly and myself, Nya was away) met at the Valley St Reserve with Lilies mum, Gabriele, also a member of the Hobart city council, where she talked to us about the reserve and what  a reserve is and  how introduced species can affect them. We also were taught how to weed specific plants and which ones were introduced, which ones were native and which ones where edible. After weeding lots of blackberry and gorse saplings were then walked the track picking up litter and debris we found along  the way.

Organising this part of our environment badge was just a matter of emailing Gabrielle, the rest was kindly prearranged by her ( thanks Gabrielle).  The night went fine and nobody hurt themselves or anything  and I think Gabrielle did a great job explaining to us about the place. Although  we faced some challenges pulling out stronger plants but Gabrielle assured us that the council would be cutting then poisoning the plants too tough to pull out with our bare hands, later. I think the night ran well and everyone learnt lots about the reserve and certain plants and animals inhabiting it.