We have a number of kayaks that can be used by other scout groups. These kayaks have been generously provided to our group through the Tasmanian Community Fund.
There a number of conditions we place on their use:

  • You will need to arrange appropriate supervision of your kayaking activity (according to TOP)
  • You will need to be able to arrange access to where the kayaks are stored
  • All care must be taken with the gear, any damage to the equipment must be reported and repairs negotiated, and any lost equipment will need to be reported and replaced
  • Gear must be appropriately cleaned and stored after use
If you would like to enquire about using the kayaks:

  • Check the calendar on this web site to see when they are available (they will show as blue)
  • Contact the group leaders or Owen via the contact form on this web site (select "Kayak Use" as the "category" on the form) or by phone